Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The 3 Best Authentic Places in Bali

The 3 Best Authentic Places in Bali

Authentic places in Bali are probably things you eagerly look for. There are several places that I consider as the authentic spots in this island. But if heard the name of Bali, what things came in your mind? Surfing is one of the best things you can do in Bali. Binges of heavy drinking as well as over-crowded souvenir shops could be the next things too. The other is the luxurious beach resorts for vacation. But you should know that there are still many places that offer the “real” Bali.
In this article I will show you several authentic places you can visit when you have holiday in Bali.

Amed village

Well, Amed is coastal region that offers charming beach and steep headlands. This place is located on the northeast coast of Bali. You will see the farming and fishing village that are very thick with the traditional sense. Generally, there are many resorts developed in Amed but they are well-blended with the traditional living rather than taking over the place.
This place is really suitable to enjoy the nature and relaxing. You can do snorkeling and diving as well as fishing and sailing. Some people also do yoga at the beach.

Hot spring in the jungle

Hot spring is so relaxing. But what if the hot spring is located in the forest or jungle? It must be very wonderful and Bali has this great venue you should visit. It is located in the mountainside in the location of tropical forest which still has a lot of trees in it. The forest is also near the Banjar village which is so tiny and small. The village is located near Lovina beach for about 10 km to the west. You will see several large pools made of stone at the garden right under the jungle.
If you do not like the public pool, you can try the private ones from spa and massage salon. You can relax in the Jacuzzi under the trees after all.


If you like the hiking and tracking the mountains and admiring the natures along the ridges and rice fields, Munduk is the best place you should consider. This place is located in north central Bali and kind of the mountain village that is suitable for retreat. There are many option of hiking you can choose and this is also the end of the best 3 authentic places in Bali.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Tips to Get Best French Speaking Tour Guide for Your Vacation in Bali

Tips to Get Best French Speaking Tour Guide for Your Vacation in Bali
Bali is one of best vacation destination you can choose. However, there is always problem whenever you choose other country as your destination. Yes, that’s right, the language barrier. Of course, whenever a problem occurs, there will be solution you can use. For this problem, you can always use the tour guide service in Bali. One of them is french speaking tour guide in Bali. There are several things that you need to know, before choosing the tour guide.
The most important thing is their service. Make sure they can give you proper and trusted service. You can find more about this matter from the client testimonial or just read what they offered to you from their official website. At there, you also can find if they also provide the French speaking tour guide that you need. After you find the service that you want, you can ask them directly. Usually, when you make a phone call, they will provide several different choices of language that you want to use. The good service that has French speaking tour guide will usually also provide French as one of the language you can choose. This can be great way to determine if that service is good for you. Of course, you also can try to speak French with their operator, to know more about what you can get from it. The most important thing here is they can speak French fluently. This will help you to enjoy your visit in Bali.
The other important matter is the tour guide itself. It’s really great thing for you, if you can get local tour guide who can speak French fluently. Some of tour and travel service usually provide foreign tour guide for you. But, the locals usually have more knowledge and information about many different place, culture and habit in that area. More than that, they are friendlier, which make you easier to visit many places that you like. Of course, the most important thing, with them, you usually can find different places that you might won’t be able to find by yourself or using standard tour service. of course, with their explanation in language you are understand most, you also will know what kind of place that is and the amazing part of those places. Guaranteed, if you can find the right one like mentioned before, you will get best Bali vacation in your life.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Advantage of Using Tour Guide Which Includes Bali Driver

The character of tourists in doing a travel in Bali are different each other. Most of the people that want to press budget and does not want to spend the holiday in short will choose the backpacker style.  However they have to find the place by them including the hotel and also the place for eat. They need more efforts in doing the travel. Alternatively, people that are having average and high budget will choose Bali tour driver and guide because they offer the comfortable and secure traveling with the efficient way. You do not need to confuse about the location of an object and so on.
The main advantages are all about the timing. With the use of professional and trained Bali driver, you will be able to enjoy the attraction in Bali in short time. Indirectly it will cut off your budget needs when you are doing the travel. The costs that you will need to hire an experienced Bali driver is so much. When you are using the separated tour guide and driver, you will need to double your budget. That is a way of travel which is not so efficient. To make sure that everything is efficient, you can pick the driver which comes from the same agency.
Sadly, not all the tour agent or guides are offering the Bali driver in a package. It can be a problem for the tourists who want to get an efficient travel. It is very useful when you can find an agency that has both guide and driver. Do not too interest with the low pricing that are offered by the tour agency that are available. The basic consideration that you need to hold is the quality, feature and also the benefit that you will get. Just choose the agency that is locally owned and has a very wide range of coverage. With the wide network, you will have less trouble if the agency is in the difficult situation such as the damaged car and so on.
The professional Bali driver will also give the best route of your travel. With the proper route construction, you will be able to enjoy the island economically. You will not need to spend more money just for purchasing the fuel. With the presence of well-constructed route, you will still be able to visit many interesting and valuable place in the shot travel session. When the driver is well known about the place, you can even find the restaurant or other place in a flash.
Just be careful in choosing Bali tour driver and guide that are available in the island. You can look the accurate information from many available resources. Take for example, you can choose the professional tour and Bali driver from the references of the consumer. Their reviews are needed to be considered by you. The review will show the pros and cons about the service. In this case Bali Chauffeur is one which is much recommended. It has a lot of benefits that are pretty impressive to support the comfortable travel around Bali.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Attractive Tourism Object & Uniqueness of Bali Tradition

Indonesia is a country with tons of culture and traditions. Bali as one of the islands of Indonesia is one of the thousand colors that fulfill Indonesia. It is valuable to see and even included in the Bali tradition when you are exploring Bali. Most of the traditions are not done in a day. It is only hold once a year. You can go see those rare events in the special time. As the proper solution you can contact the worth Bali tour driver and guide as the assistants. They will show you the place as well as the right time to enjoy all the traditions or ceremony.

Let’s start with Mekotek. It is a special Bali tradition ceremony which is held in the Badung regency of Bali. If you are ever seeing Ogoh-ogoh, they are hold near the Nyepi day. It is different with Mekotek, because it is hold near the Kuningan days. For youth information, Kuningan is one of the religious days for the Buddhist. This is an event which is in the form of party. It is a kind of welcome party that is done for the king that win the war.
The progress of welcome party is completed by the stick playing. These sticks are made of wood that creates “tek” voice. That is the reason why the ceremony is called as Mekotek. To enjoy this attraction, you can go after done enjoying Tanah Lot or Kuta because the location is nearby. In the other countries, you might experiencing the Mud Wash or take a bath using the Mud. It is such a disgusting activity, however it is so fun. In Balo tradition, you will have the same thing; however it this Bali tradition called as Mesabatan Endut. It has special timing to be done. The whole process of ceremony are also representing specific message.
This is a ceremony where the people are throwing the mud each other.  The mud will be thrown by the man for the girl. There are 8 man throws 6 girls. It is done to give the education that the man who is older should educate and give many positive attitudes for the girls as the leader. They are also need to be brave with the dirt that they face along the process of educating the girls. All the ceremony of Bali tradition is giving proper message to the entire visitor. It is all done to keep the balance of life in the island.
If you want something special and related to fire, you can try the ceremony of Lukat Geni. This type of ceremony is also called as war of fire. This is held by the origins of Puri Satria Kawan, Klungkung regency of Bali. It is done once a year and the purpose is to let the human negative minds through fire. Hopefully it can neutralize negative atmosphere around. To ensure you arrive here in a time, ask Bali Chauffeur as the Bali tour driver and guide. They are pretty professionals and are also customer satisfactory oriented.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Visiting Natural Wonder of Bali Tourism Attraction

Beauty of nature is always inviting for everyone who want to enjoy the natural sensation. In this occasion, it will be interesting to talk about the Bali tourism attraction. Bali is the world paradises that have so many elements inside. It has nature, culture, and so on. Visiting Bali through its natural wonder will surely give us a powerful relaxation. It is the best place for us to escape from the tight of daily routine. If you want to improve the personal experience in exploring Bali, natural attractions is the best answer for you. To go there, the use of Bali tour driver and guide will be beneficial for you. You can start through the national park of Bali. There is some Bali tourism attraction that is soothing and impressive. The view and the underwater sensation of Menjangan Island are very awesome. It is located near the West Bali National Park which makes you have a choice to explore this location in a single day. Or you can also take a resort there to stay for about a night. The presence of blue sea, bright tropic sunshine and lots of greeneries will increase your health and passion of living. This is a place which is nominated to be one of the Bali best snorkeling areas. For you who are dreaming of visiting the natural space for trekking or just take some walk, you can go to Ubud. This is a village of Bali that has so many green valleys. The whole areas are full of flora and fauna that will entertain you along the way. This Bali tourism attraction also contains some beautiful bird with all of its beautiful voices. The impressive thing about this place is the presences of awesome green savannas that can make the view of Bali from the top appear perfect. Probably it is the first time for you to hear about Jatiluwih. It is one of the regency from Tabanan, Bali that has a lot of rice field space. It is also well known as the major rice producing area in Bali. As one of the area which is very natural, clean and even exotic it has been one of the UNESCO cultural heritage site candidate. All the attraction of this site make the presence of Bali tourism attraction is richer and valuable. It does not only contains man made element but also the natural aspects. Some people also love to see the flowers and atmosphere around. The natural breeze and the smell of flowers are always bringing a spacious feeling for everyone. You can go to Beratan Lake and Botanical Garden as an answer. Just ask your Bali tour driver and guide to bring you here. Here you can enjoy complete scenery of mountain, lake, and temple and of course the flowers. Do not forget to have consultation with Bali Chauffeur as the professional guide and driver for your travel around Bali. Do not waste your time by choosing the others because the best one is already in front of you.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Find Different Experience of Bali Tour Driver & Guide Activity

As one of the beautiful island in the world, Bali has so many attractions that you can choose. This island will not be finished only in a week of travel and adventure. However with the help of professional and experienced of Bali tour driver and guide, you can covers up your need to visit this island almost entirely in a short term only. In making the planning for travel, you will have several options. The first options are to decide the destination and type of travel by you. Then you will also offer by following the common Bali tour guide activity that has been offered by the other consumer as well.
If it is the first time for you to visit Bali, it is recommended for you to follow the available service from Bali tour guide activity. The schedule is commonly the same with the other company offer. They will bring you to some of the common tourist attractions in the island. It can be strange if in the first time visits you do not visit the common place. Just feel the sensation of visiting tourism object with so many other visitors there. It will be valuable especially when the guide shows you complete information about the place.
However if this is your second or their visit to Bali, you can consider to choose the different  way of enjoying Bali tour guide activity. You can choose to have the trip or travel experience which is more private and special. You can be different than to other Bali visitor by choosing the guide that can fulfill your need.
You can start by exploring the area which has no crowds. One of the activities that you can do for the initial private travel in Bali is by riding the elephant in some village of Bali. Just enjoy the attractive view and scenery around the Bali with this special Bali tour guide activity. The convenience sightseeing will surely raise better experience for you.
There are also some other interesting aspect that you can get such as the interaction with the elephant as the Balinese animal and so on. If you are someone who loves to enjoy the sunrise and sunset, you can even feel the sensation by climbing the Batur mount as the one and only Bali Mountain. We know that Indonesia is well known for its volcano, so you must not waste this chance.
All the natural sensation and atmosphere of Bali nature can also be reached well when you are doing the Bali tour guide activity through camping. Some unique tours are also available here. You can take a walk around the nature of Ubud. You can see the green of rice field and so many other natural elements in the island. To enjoy all these special travel in Bali, you can contact a Bali tour driver and guide called Bali Chauffeur as one of the valuable service that can accompany your Bali travels along the time that you need. It is a professional that will make your holiday is more valuable.